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Get The Life-Changing Treatment You Deserve Today

Pre-qualification in minutes without affecting your credit score. Long terms and low rates create affordable payments for your full treatment plan.

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Get The Life-Changing Treatment You Deserve Today

Pre-qualification in minutes without affecting your credit score. Long terms and low rates create affordable payments for your full treatment plan.

Already have a Proceed Finance loan?


Simple, Fast, Easy

Complete a short online form and get pre-qualified instantly, without impacting your credit score

Flexible Financing

Loan offers from $2,5001 to $75,0002 to fulfill the treatment plan you need and deserve

Affordable Payments

Longer repayment terms and lower interest rates that can fit any budget

(1) CO and GA minimum is $3,000, and MA minimum is $6,000. (2) Advertised loan features based on dental product. Subject to credit approval. Rates, principal amounts, and repayment options vary by product and consumer eligibility. Please ask your provider about plan availability. To view terms by product, click here.


More Approvals

Our offers span the credit spectrum and provide approvals for various levels of creditworthiness.

Fair & Transparent

There are no hidden fees, and your loan has a fixed rate and easy-to-understand terms so you always know your monthly payment.

Best In Class Service

We provide you 1-on-1 legendary customer service and easy online access to manage your loan.

Estimate Your Monthly Payment

Select the treatment type, enter the desired amount, and the length of the loan to estimate the annual percentage rate and monthly payments based on a sample credit score rating.

*CO and GA minimum is $3,000 and MA minimum is $6,000.


In the unlikely event that you choose not to move forward with treatment after you have obtained a Proceed Finance loan, you must initiate a cancellation request, as Proceed Finance has already paid your provider for your planned treatment. Proceed Finance borrowers have two options to request a refund.

Work with your provider

Discuss your cancellation request with your provider if you no longer want to receive or complete treatment. Once you and your provider have agreed on the amount owed for services, your provider will initiate the refund process with Proceed Finance to remove the unused funds from your loan.

Work with Proceed Finance

Proceed Finance will initiate a refund request on your behalf if you provide written notice to both Proceed Finance and your provider. Once Proceed Finance receives written notification, we will coordinate with your provider to process your request. Please submit the following information in writing:

Your Provider's name and address

I, (your name), hereby wish to cancel all future treatment and request a cancellation of my Proceed Finance loan. Please process my cancellation within five (5) business days after receiving this notice.

Your Signature
The date
Your printed name and address

Next, make two (2) copies of your written request.

Send the Original via mail, fax, or email to your provider.
Send Copy 1 to Proceed Finance through one of the following methods:

Fax: (866) 475-0051
Mail: Proceed Finance, Attn. Refunds, 425 Fallbrook Boulevard, Lincoln NE 68521.

Keep Copy 2 for your records.

Please be advised that your provider can submit proof of services documentation to Proceed Finance if they believe no refund or a partial refund is due.

Note that you are still responsible for making loan payments prior to the resolution of any refund claim and will still be responsible for any remaining loan balance at the conclusion of the refund process.

If you have additional questions about Proceed Finance's refund process, please call us at (844) 272-7587, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We have a few easy ways to pay:

Set up AutoPay

You can arrange with Security First Bank to have your monthly loan payment automatically paid from your bank account. This option eliminates the hassle of remembering to pay on time every month. Plus, if you sign up for automatic payments, you will receive a rate reduction! Pay online or call Security First Bank at (844) 565-7148 to enroll.

To make a single payment:

To make an online payment, please visit and follow the directions for making an online payment.

By phone
Security First Bank is happy to take your payment and can be reached at (844) 565-7148. Phone payments can be made from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm CST, Monday through Friday.

By mail
You will receive a monthly billing notice from Security First Bank that includes a payment voucher. Make your check payable to Security First Bank and mail it along with the payment voucher to:

Security First Bank
PO Box 6878
Carol Stream IL 60197-6878

Call Security First Bank, your Proceed Finance loan servicer, at (844) 565-7148. They are available to answer questions about your loan and can help in other ways, including:

  • Updating your mailing address
  • Balance inquiries and payment by phone
  • Changing your payment due date

We understand that life can be hectic and sometimes surprise expenses can strain your budget. Whatever the reason for missing a payment, please contact Security First Bank, your Proceed Finance loan servicer, at (844) 565-7148 right away and let them know your situation.

When your signed Loan Agreement was processed and approved, the money was sent directly to your provider to pay for your treatment. You are obligated to make payments on your loan regardless of the timing of your treatment.

Yes! You may make additional principal payments at any time with no prepayment penalty. Please contact Security First Bank, your Proceed Finance loan servicer, at (844) 565-7148 for assistance. They will provide you with your payoff amount and answer any questions you may have.

Patient financing is only available through our participating providers. Please contact your provider to see if they offer Proceed Finance.

At a minimum, a potential borrower must have enough income to support the monthly payments and a satisfactory credit report. We use a number of factors to make an instant determination, so you will know immediately if you are pre-qualified.

We offer longer repayment terms and lower interest rates for a wide range of borrowers, so a larger percentage of patients can afford treatment. Our loans are fixed-rate loans - your interest rate won't change, and you can rely on consistent monthly payment amounts over the life of the loan.

Once you have a loan through us, funds will be sent directly to your provider. Repayment will be directed to Security First Bank, the Proceed Finance loan servicer.

Pre-qualification has no impact on your credit score. However, if you decide that you want to move forward with the loan, it will result in a new credit inquiry on your credit file (also known as a “hard hit”), the impact of which can vary from person to person.

For pre-qualification, we don't require any documentation. If you are pre-qualified and decide to move forward with the loan, we require a valid, government-issued ID and proof of employment. In some cases, we may require additional documentation. If applicable, your provider will specify what type of documentation we require and will submit it to us electronically for review. The review process typically takes 10 minutes or less.

Loan performance is reported to all three major credit bureaus.

Our online underwriting platform uses the information you provide on your application, combines it with data obtained through various consumer reports to form a complete picture of your credit history and current credit obligations, and decides whether you are able to assume new debt.