Proceed Finance offers affordable patient financing that helps providers expand their patient base and drive repeat business.

We bridge the gap between the services providers offer their patients and the affordability of those services. The Proceed Finance model is simple – fully-funded, fast delivery financing for providers and easy to understand terms and the lowest rates for patients.

How do we do it?

Proceed Finance is the perfect blend of traditional banking values and credit approaches with innovative, adaptable financial technologies and operational practices that benefit both patients and providers. We pride ourselves on being a positive disruptive presence in the personal medical lending market, basing our success on building good relationships with great people.

Our corporate leadership team brings outstanding finance and banking experience together with the flexible, versatile new world of fintech IT systems to provide a level of personal medical financing previously unknown in the industry. By stressing the need to provide value for all parties, Proceed Finance broadens the availability of funding and options for patients and providers, showing them that “Now You Can.”

Our Backing

The mission of NexGen, a private investment firm, is to develop the next generation of ideas, opportunities, and leaders through winning partnerships and impactful investments that benefit communities. Recognizing the opportunity in Proceed Finance, NexGen provided initial financial backing as the majority owner and felt the investment would allow consumers to be treated with dignity and receive opportunities in the medical financial space not otherwise available to them.