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12-Year Term

A brand-new adventure begins Monday, February 19. Proceed Finance's 12-year term1 creates even more affordability, with lower monthly payments for your patients. This is another example of how we continually strive to provide you and your patients MORE!

Payment Examples at 10.99% APR2

$8,000 $101/mo
$15,000 $188/mo
$30,000 $376/mo
$45,000 $564/mo
$60,000 $752/mo


How do I prepare my practice for this change?

As a reminder, for regulatory compliance reasons, please destroy your existing printed marketing materials on 2/19.

With our new Marketing Store, ordering replacements is free and easy.

  1. Go to our marketing store (login required) and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. The marketing materials you select will be delivered to your practice within 2 weeks.

How do my patients get access to the new 12-year term?

There is nothing different your patients will need to do. It will be ready for all qualified applications submitted on or after February 19, 2024.

Who is eligible for a 12-year term?

Proceed Finance loans are risk-rated, which means that not all prequalified offers will include a 12-year option. Broadly speaking, only your most well-qualified patients will receive a 12-year offer; we ultimately make that decision once a patient applies.

Are you changing anything else?

Accompanying our 12-year term, we've adjusted the APR for a very small number of our loans to stay competitive amidst changing economic conditions. The easiest way to see the newly available rates is to use our online payment calculator when it is updated on February 19.

What's my provider fee for the 12-year term?

We want you to love our new 12-year term as much as we do, so our provider fee will be exactly the same as our 9-year and 10-year term options.

I have a patient interested in a 12-year term. What will their APR be?

We have two easy ways for your patients to see the most current APRs.

  1. Our payment calculator lets patients see their estimated monthly payment for a variety of loan amounts and terms. Starting on 2/19, this will include our 12-year term.
  2. Better yet, patients will see their APR when they pre-qualify. There's no impact on their credit score and they’ll get an instant decision. Our pre-qualification offers will always include the APR.

I have a patient who pre-qualified before your 12-year term was available, and now they want that option. Can they get a 12-year term instead?

We are not able to make adjustments to an existing pre-qualification. Patients are always welcome to re-apply, but because credit profiles can change in a short period of time, we cannot guarantee they will pre-qualify again.

(1) Not all options available to all borrowers.

(2) APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates as of 02/2024 and are subject to change without notice.