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Adding implantology services to your practice positions it for growth. Choosing the right financing partner does too!

With Proceed Finance, you can finance your dental education, provide affordable patient financing, and achieve the financial liquidity your business needs to grow and expand.

Proceed’s low repayment costs and long terms mean you can focus on perfecting your craft and growing your practice, not overwhelming monthly loan payments. And with funding availability of up to $55,000, you can dream big.

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  • Proceed Finance has partnerships with Implant Pathway for dentists seeking implantology experience.

  • Students at Implant Pathway can utilize Proceed Finance’s educational financing to fulfill all or part of their tuition for their selected program, as well as select materials and out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Proceed Finance offers longer repayment terms and lower interest rates than our competitors. We also partner with our educational borrowers as a long-term lender. You can use Proceed Finance patient financing in your practice to help your patients afford more services, improve case acceptance and drive practice revenues. Proceed Finance also allows access to improved practice liquidity through its unsecured loan program. You can request up to $55,000 in unsecured loans for a variety of practice needs at rates better than credit cards and conventional business financing.